Our mission is to help Subway® Franchisees be more profitable and competitive – today and for the future.

Starting with why
We are driven by our Mission: to help make Subway® Franchisees more profitable and competitive – today and for the future. Franchisees are at the heart of all we do. Our vision is to be a world-class service business. These together, are why we’re here. We encourage each other to consider what this means for us as individuals, for our team, our organisation and for Subway® and its partners.

How we work
As a service business, our reputation means everything to us and how we work is crucial. We are guided by our Values, which we demonstrate every day, and by our Guiding Principles.

Values - work together for Subway® Franchisees, because their success is ours too
Working as a team to add value and deliver benefits for Franchisees across Europe, our Values are the foundation of our unique culture. They express who we are, what we believe, where we’re headed, and how we’ll get there.

Our Values which means ... 
We are always professional Experts in our field, we bring the highest levels of service and proficiency in everything we do – acting as ambassadors for the company at all times; with integrity and pride.
We take an honest and open approach We make promises that we can keep. We will never hide inconvenient truths or meaningful detail from our customers. If we are wrong, we’ll say that we are wrong, and we’ll take every necessary action to put it right.
We are highly responsive We listen to and anticipate what our customers need and respond quickly and appropriately. We will always take a pragmatic approach; prioritising and communicating accordingly.
We are innovative Where benefits are proven to be delivered as a result of fresh thinking, we will implement them. We are always open to new ideas, finding creative solutions and maintaining a positive attitude.
We encourage teamwork and for everyone to contribute Every opinion counts. Every team member is valued. We are stronger together than individually and we will always work as a team to deliver benefit to all.

Guiding Principles
Everything that we do and every decision we make is based on one or more of our guiding principles: invest on behalf of Subway® Franchisees; invest in our people and systems; be great business partners; align with Subway® and their strategies; and work with IPCs around the world to deliver benefit for Franchisees in Europe.

Delivering a high-performance environment for IPC Europe
We are committed to creating to making IPC Europe a high-performance environment organisation – investing in our people, leadership and enablers. Every two years we ask the team how we’re getting on in these areas and we use the feedback to help shape the business.

People - Making sure we have enough resource and the right people focused in the right areas; that we share the same Values and are motivated by our work.

Leadership - Sharing our clear vision, we lead by example and we are supported and challenged at work.

Enablers - Investing in the right tools, systems and processes we need – to help us and not hinder our innovation.

As a non-profit making organisation, owned by Subway® Franchisees, who are also our customers – we all want to make a difference to help them. Driven to add value, doing the right thing and living our Values is business as usual for us. We work hard, and we celebrate our successes. We value our people and their efforts in making us a successful business and a great place to work. We understand the value of investing in learning, development and well-being for the team and have an attractive benefits programme.

If you want to join us and help make a difference for Subway® Franchisees in Europe, please get in touch.
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